Welcome to Boston Game Used, a website dedicated to a collection of Boston Red Sox baseball bats 25 years in the making.  The collection includes bats from close to 500 position players who had an at bat for the Red Sox from 1960 to the present, and would not be possible without the generosity of players and their families, the Red Sox, and many, many, many fellow collectors.  Boston Game Used is not a business and it does not deal in game used memorabilia.   This is a private collection with the primary goals of building a comprehensive collection of Red Sox bats from 1960 to the present, preserving baseball and Red Sox history, publicly exhibiting the collection for others to enjoy, and supporting charitable causes.  In that regard, we proudly support the Red Sox Foundation and the Fenway Park Living Museum Fund.  We will be adding pictures to the Bat Collection section over the coming months so please check back often and enjoy the remainder of the site, we hope you find it educational and entertaining.